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Rounded Rectangle: Prices and How to Order

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Artwork, design, creation and maintenance

by S. Friedland

Each work of art is one-of-a-kind therefore, pricing is determined based on the following factors:

1. Whether you furnish a photo of your chosen subject or you request that I take photos (available to clients in the Las Vegas, Nevada area only) from which a portrait will be created.

2. The number of animals to be included in the composition.

3. Whether the animal(s) is/are depicted full bodied or head/chest.

4. The complexity of the background to include the addition of a favorite toy or, placement in a scene other than that shown in your photo.

5. If you choose, the size and quality of a frame and glass and,

6. The timeframe within which you desire delivery of the finished artwork. Normally, artwork is delivered within 4 weeks from the date of the commission.

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