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Text Box: Greeting Cards for Any Occasion

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Have an ordinary photograph?  I can turn your photograph into a beautiful greeting card. 

A heart-felt greeting; combined with a beautiful image of your four -footed best friend, makes a greeting card even more special.  I work not only from photographs, but from my own completed portraits as shown in these examples:

All cards are printed on white 65 lb card stock, measuring 5”x7” when folded.  Each card comes with a white envelope.  All cards are shipped via First Class Mail. 

Generally, a custom greeting card design is  $50 for the design and $1.50 per card with envelope.  The cost for  extremely detailed designs will increase according to complexity.  Special design requests are welcome. 

Minimum order is 25 cards.  Applicable tax and shipping will be added at the time of purchase.  To order your cards, please email me directly at Furevermine@cox.net.  

Corporate/Small Business

Greeting cards that extend a “Thank You for a Job Well Done” or, “In Appreciation for…” are always received favorably by the recipient.  I can create a custom design for you, or use your existing logo, to create cards that will be long remembered by your employees, clients or customers.  Want more information?  E-mail me


You may furnish sentiment of your own for the card, or ask that a suitable message be written for you.  You will have an opportunity to make whatever change you would like to your message prior to final placement on the card(s). 

From photo to the “Colors of His Country”!

Waiting for the Easter Bunny?  Well, here he comes...well...maybe he isn’t the Easter Bunny but, he sure is cute.  Looks like he’s been in the garden looking for Easter eggs! 























Or, how about Teo Teddy dressed up as Teo Bunny!  Celebrate any holiday, birthday, or anniversary with a one-of-a-kind greeting card depicting YOUR best friend.  These very special greetings bring a smile to onyone’s face, or help to console a broken heart, or extend sympathy for the loss of a loved one.

Greeting cards from your photo?  You bet! 

This is one of my pups —Teo Teddy