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by S. Friedland

Fabulous custom jewelry for you and your furry companions.

I created this logo for the Las Vegas Valley’s  BEST professional groomer!  Sorry, this service is available only to residents of Las Vegas, Nevada.  Kerri will handle your fur baby with utmost care.

Give her a call today to set up an appointment.

Jungle Friends is a sanctuary for primates released from laboratories where they have been used for experimentation and for primates that have fallen victim to cruelty and improper handling as “pets”.   Jungle Friends is located in Gainesville, Florida. 

Primates are ‘born to be wild’ and should remain wild.  Learn more about what you can do to help the plight of these beautiful beings.  Simply click on the logo to the left.  It will take you to Jungle Friends!  Now, click the logo and hold on to your seat!

Here you will find reputable businesses, organizations (both profit and non-profit) that relate to animal care, animal rights, animal behavior, animal art, and just about anything…..animal…!  If you would like to have your banner appear here, simply click on the Blue Bird of Happiness (below) and tell me what you offer that is animal related.    

If you have comments or suggestions on the subject of animals, please share them with me.  I’d be happy to hear from you.  In the meantime, sit back, grab your mouse (carefully so she doesn’t bite) and visit each of the links listed here.  I know you’ll have a good laugh, learn of wonderful opportunities, and find beautiful things awaiting you.