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Question:  Can you create a portrait of my pet from a photograph?

Yes.  All I need is a  good quality photograph of your companion animal.  Be sure that the photo clearly shows your companion’s face, eyes and expression.

Question:  Are the portraits you create digitally really “painted” by hand and do they look like quality, original art?

Yes, absolutely.  First, and foremost, because my paintings ARE painted in every sense of the word.  Stroke-by-stroke the same as I would if I were painting with oils or acrylics on canvas.  My finished digital portraits appear identical to my earlier acrylic paintings using the traditional brush on canvas.  For example, shown here is a little blue bird I painted using the traditional brush and paints some years ago.

Compare this little blue bird to the portrait of Missy and Mouse (below the blue bird) that I painted digitally and printed on museum quality canvas.  Can you see any significant difference between the two?  Both are clearly presented on canvas, both have clear, crisp detail and both were  “hand painted”! 

Question:  How long with the canvas portrait last?  The canvas I use is museum quality.  My printer produces archival prints worthy of gallery display.  Since the inks are pigment-based, they deliver fade-resistant works of art that stay brilliant for up to 108 years!  A clear acrylic ultra-violet glazing is added to the final print.

I hope you found these FAQs helpful.  If you have a question, please contact me.  I’d be happy to address any concerns you may have.  Thank you for visiting my site and for your interest in my work.  Yappy New Year!

This additional step helps prolong the life of the image and adds water resistant protection as well.

Question:  Do you sell prints of the portraits you’ve painted?   Yes, prints of many of the portraits I’ve painted are available upon request.  However, most are limited editions.

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