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Copyright© 2004-2006 by Sandie Friedland. All Rights Reserved. Original art shown are copyrighted by the Artist. They may not be reproduced, or used in any form, or any manner, or be displayed on any other website without the written consent of the Artist. Any reproduction or redistribution of any images herein by any means is strictly prohibited.


Artwork, design, creation and maintenance

by S. Friedland

Photographs that you provide must be free of any copyrights on the part of others.  Photographs taken by a professional photographer are protected by copyright and will not be accepted for the commission of a portrait.  All artwork I create is protected by Copyright.  A signed Photograph to Portrait, Illustration, or Logo Release Form (reprinted below) is required before artwork begins.



I understand that Furevermine® will not accept photographs or digital images which are copyrighted.

Copyright infringement issues and claims will be my sole responsibility.  I indemnify and hold Furevermine® - Portraits for Paws and People, harmless from all liability, damages and expenses (including reasonable attorney fees) that may be incurred as a result of fulfilling my order.

By my signature below, I assume responsibility for the photo I have submitted. 

Further, I understand that the artist reserves all rights provided by the United States title 17, U.S. Code and other international laws pertaining to Copyright of the artwork created based on the photograph provided.



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